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Let’s have some fun! One of my favorite thing in the world is the “surprise inside” candle industry. It is a quarter machine full of toys for adults.

A new company I heard about, called Jackpot Candles, is based out of Buffalo NY and you know how much I love born and raised American companies. This family owned brand has a unique take on traditional candles that makes them not only enjoyable to burn but quite addicting as well.

Ocean Breeze - Jackpot Candle

Jackpot Candles: Jewelry inside your Candles!

Start by picking a candle with a scent you will like. For me, it was Ocean Breeze – $24.95.

Each candle is hand-poured and made of 100% soy so the quality is there as well as keeping the ingredients in mind. More and more I find myself conscious of the ingredients in candles. I want to know what we breathe and what is going into the lungs of my family.

After your scent selection,  choose one of three types of jewelry: Ring (available in sizes 5-9), Earrings, or Necklace.

Now this is not punk, cheap, or ugly jewelry. They range in value from $15-$5000! The ones I have seen are all very beautiful and unique in design. After a brief delivery period, your candle will arrive and you are gonna love it!

I couldn’t wait to light the wick on mine and receive my shiny foil packet of jewelry. The Ocean Breeze fragrance delivered what I was hoping for, spot on. A crisp, clean smell that reminded me of fresh laundry or a pleasant (you guessed it) ocean breeze. It’s pretty blue color glowed in the candle light in my bathroom, and soon the whole house had a wonderful smell drifting through the air.

The biggest bonus of all: even with all the sensitive noses in our house, not a complaint was heard.

jackpot candle earrings

But oh the jewelry.

This may sound bad, but once I put my order in I wanted to know what piece I got. I had a vision while holding it for the first time of me sitting right in front of my candle, for hours, waiting for the jewelry to show. I chose earrings for my pick and though it didn’t play out quite like my vision, I must admit I spent some time watching it.

No, I don’t think I should tell you just how long. But for the first day or so the candle burned non-stop.

Jewelry inside candles

After about 7 or 8 hours, I saw something. A glint of metal foil poked up from the wax. I was so excited. With all my strength, I waited a bit longer to make sure the wax was soft enough for me to pull it out. Grabbing a pair of tweezers, I gently lifted my prize from the candle. Then like a kid opening a birthday present I ripped open the foil and saw my new earrings inside a plastic sleeve.

Jackpot Candles Tart Collection

I also received the delectable Blueberry Muffin Tart$15.95, which just happens to be one of the most delectable things I’ve ever smelled.

jackpot candles tart

I have always loved the bakery-esque fragrances while my husband has always been indifferent towards them. I know that sounds like a hum and glum sob story, but it actually is something that I appreciate. He doesn’t care too much for the scent so it turns into my bathtime relaxation tart. The experience is wonderful.

jackpot candles tart

The tart had a very light scent-throw, which was perfect for a small room like the bathroom. Overall I am pleased with it, like I mentioned earlier we don’t do well with overpowering scents in this house.

With the latest trend towards using warmers instead of burning candles, I am glad to see Jackpot Candles keeping up with the wants and needs of the market. It shows their hard work and dedication towards making a product we will love.

jackpot candles-3

For my tart I got a gorgeous necklace, but my daughter claimed it before I had a chance to snap a photo of it.

Added bonus: You can use the Jackpot Candles Appraise tool to see the value of your jewelry.

When I returned to the Jackpot Candles website to appraise my earrings I found out they were worth $35. Which subjectively, is more than the cost of the candle itself. That’s win-win in my book. My necklace (or Zoey’s necklace, I should say) was worth $26. I still have plenty candle left to burn and tart to warm as well, so I’ll be enjoying that for a while longer.

Writing this post has got me so excited I am ordering my second candle now. Or perhaps I will try more of the Tarts they offer this time. What a great and unique experience I’ve had with these Jackpot Candles. You really should go check them out at Maybe you’ll hit the jackpot!

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  1. Other than the Ocean Breeze which would be my first choice….I also would love the Sweet Pea! They all sound so good!

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