Earlier this year I created a chore chart printable to sell on Etsy, and after only selling a handful of them I realized something:

Parents need an easy, printable, and FREE chore chart to help them get on track.

Because of this realization I’ve decided to pull the chore charts off of Etsy, and offer them for free. Click on any image or the PDF download link at the bottom of this post to get yours.

FREE Kids’ Chore Chart Printable

This chore chart offers a spot for each day of the week, for five weeks. You can set a specific reward to keep your kids motivated to complete their chores, and a box to “check off” completed tasks.

We use this chart religiously in our house, and my kids love to see their progress as time passes.

I hope you can gain some household peace with some chore charts that’ll keep your kids on track!

FREE Kids’ Chore Chart PDF Download

8 comments on “Kids’ Chore Charts FREE Printable”

    • You’re welcome! My five year old is just learning to read and write, and filling out her chart is one of her favorite things to do. Maybe your daughter would like to do that as well.

    • Exactly! My daughter gets annoyed (using that term lightly) when she has to do the same thing every day. She is much more willing to help when I give her new and “exciting” tasks to complete.

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