It’s often said that when you look your best, you feel better too. And though this seems like a shallow concept, there’s more than a grain of truth in it. If you’re feeling less than stellar, a lot of things can go together to lift you up. There’s no doubt that standing in front of the mirror, styling yourself up and getting ready to go gives you a lift.

There is a reason that people refer to make up as “war paint“. The lift in confidence that comes from knowing you look good is something akin to a battle mentality. With that said, if you look at artist’s impressions of Vikings and Celts hitting the battlefield, that’s not always a great look. Scary, yes, and that’s good in battle. But you don’t want people to be terrified.

mineral makeup brush

As time has gone on, then, makeup has changed. It’s not that long ago that the choice was between relying on pure natural beauty and something more obviously synthetic. But as developments take place, the choices multiply for people who want to take a little assistance. There are increasing choices for people who want to wear make up and still look natural.

Little helpers such as Purely Cosmetics mineral make up will allow you to give your appearance a boost. Without looking like you’ve slapped the make up on with a trowel, you can look great and feel powerful. Think of it as giving your natural beauty a helping hand, with all of nature’s goodness.

One of the key aspects of natural mineral makeup is that it is much better for your skin than the synthetic options on the market. If you’ve tended to rely on more synthetic choices in the past, you’ll know what it does to your skin. Once you take the makeup off – which takes long enough in itself – there are often ill-effects from the chemicals in it. It can dry your skin out and cause blemishes.

Mineral makeup, for its part, avoids all of that, with some blends actively nourishing the skin. It acts like another layer of skin in many ways, avoiding oily buildup and reflecting light naturally. Unlike with some of the makeup on the market, when you put on a natural mineral-based form, you won’t feel like you’ve put on a mask. It feels lightweight on your skin and like you’re not even wearing make up.

Of course, you are still wearing make up, so you will need to remove it at the end of the day. This is a much less bothersome process with natural makeup and your skin will look and feel much better.

So it’s worth remembering that if you want to look good and feel great, a bit of a helping hand is no bad thing. Getting that helping hand from nature doesn’t mean compromising on beauty, it simply means giving your skin what’s best for it. And think yourself lucky – you don’t even need to carry a sword and shield to make this makeup work!

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