Convincing my husband to go shopping for new underwear was really easy, he always wants to buy them for himself but puts it off for the kids and even me. What can I say? My husband puts us first and I love him for it, but sometimes he needs to suck it up and let us spoil him!

My family can spend hours in Target if we can, so this was a fun experience for us. We got our necessities, then headed on over to the mens underwear department. I was determined to make it a trip about my husband, he deserves nice things so we had fun making him the center of attention for a while. We picked up a mechanics toolkit so he has the proper tools to work on his car.

The mens underwear department is not huge, but it is a decent size and I was hoping the MaLo brand section would pop out to me as soon as I walked by but that didn’t happen. I initially walked by the endcap display before I realized that it was what I was looking for.

I expected a great brand such as MaLo to be on its own wall, not an endcap like the accessories and wallets. I would rather have seen the socks and MaLo section switched, MaLo is much more inviting and fun to look at.

When we got down to it, I picked out the underwear we left with. My husband laughed a little bit at some of the designs, saying he’d feel goofy wearing them but he liked my choice of the solid black/purple combination.

It felt nice being able to spoil my husband and make sure he had a good time out, I know it is stressful for him to always worry about the wants and needs of his girls. When we got home I was excited to pull out his underwear and check them out.

Seeing the colors out of the package made me even more confident in my decision. I love the purple color, and the black is my husbands normal underwear color of choice. My husband also pointed out an “I see what you did there…” moment when he said “Malo means bad in spanish, AND it is Mario Lopez, I see what he did there!” I guess that means he thinks Mario Lopez is bad, in a good way?

Curious to see the underwear we replaced?

Hole-y…ratty..embarrassing! I’m glad we got to improve his wardrobe.

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8 comments on “Makover Your Man – My MaLo Experiences! #MaLoUnderwear”

  1. You aren’t the first person that picked the black/purple combo! I don’t think my husband would go for that – AT ALL! I haven’t seen the MALO line yet, but I can’t wait to find them!!

  2. We don’t get to Target because it’s 50 minutes away, I’ll have to check online for these, they look comfy, or so my hubby just said lol

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