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I have lived nearly my entire life in California’s Central Valley. I grew up surrounded by beautiful stretches of land filled with crops, my Great Grandma even had her own miniature orchard in her back yard. Whenever we wanted a snack she would always tell us to go pick something off of the trees there.  We had free reign over citrus of all types, peaches, and even plums.

It was our own snack little heaven. Let me tell you right now, there was nothing better than fruit on a hot summer day.

Because of this, my upbringing and my love of healthy snacks, I quickly accepted the opportunity of a lifetime to get a full behind the scenes tour experience for Mighties Kiwi and Cuties Citrus.


Let me tell you, the experience did not disappoint.

Mighties Kiwi Tour

The first stop on my tour was the Mighties Kiwi packaging center. I had never been in such an interesting place before. There are many steps to making sure that the Kiwi are perfect and ready to eat as soon as you buy them from your local store.

Mighties Kiwi

One of the most interesting things I learned was about pressure. When you think of fruit, I know the last thing to come to mind is probably pressure. But it is an extremely important part of the Mighties Kiwi process. They only ship when the pressure within the fruit is at the perfect amount, that way it is ready for you to enjoy as soon as you buy it.

mighties kiwi

Our wonderful tour guide gave us a very informative display of how the process works, and why they do it that way.

Afterwards we were given the opportunity to have a little snack–a Mighties Kiwi.

We all got our spoon/knife combo, which allowed us to not only cut the kiwi in half, but eat it all with one hand.

Mighties Kiwi

It was delicious. I could have eaten ten more right then and there.

Luckily it was time to move on.

You’d be surprised how in depth and detailed the process is to make sure the kiwis you buy are perfect. In addition to the pressure test, there are teams of people removing fruit that isn’t up to the standards Mighties expects of their fruit.

Mighties Kiwi

Their teams also work hard to package the kiwis by size, as there are strict guidelines that need to be followed regarding weight.

Another way the Mighties team works hard to make sure the fruit is perfect when it gets to your table is by doing everything they can to make sure it is perfectly. ripe.

With the use of controlled atmosphere rooms, and natural gas (the same kind released by other fruits such as bananas to encourage ripening) you’ll always get the best kiwi experience from Mighties.

Mighties Kiwi

I was amazed by how many crates could fit into these controlled atmosphere rooms. We only got to peek through this small window, and another from above. The sight was breathtaking.

It really opened my eyes and made me realize how much love and hard work are put into these kiwis.

The best part was still to come, though, when we were taken to the vineyard itself. We got to get hands-on with the plants that produce these delicious kiwi, and a lesson in how it all works from one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met.

Mighties Kiwi

First let me say this: none of the pictures I took (this is true for Cuties as well) can accurately portray how incredibly large these vineyards were.

Large and beautiful.

I could have stayed out there all day taking pictures. It was so much fun.

Mighties Kiwi

Mighties Kiwi

We were shown everything from how new plants are made, to how they tend the crops in the off season.

One of the most interesting parts we witnessed, was the Kiwi plant girdling.

We got a first-hand look of the process, because our guide had the nifty girdling knife on hand.

Mighties Kiwi

They essentially remove the top layer of bark until they hit lighter wood. Doing so blocks carbohydrates from going down into the roots and allows for better fruit.

Cool, huh?

Another thing I learned is that there are male trees. They are planted in between every few female trees so fruit can happen.

Mighties Kiwi

The male trees are marked with a yellow strip of paint. They are also quite a bit bigger around the trunk than the female counterparts.

Like I said before, there are so many steps involved with making the fruit we have all grown to love.

Kiwis are wonderful, but not only because they taste amazing. They are packed with antioxidants, and we all know that antioxidants are so good for us and can help reduce the chance of stroke, cancer, and heart disease.

Mighties Kiwi

Mighties Kiwi are low calorie (although you wouldn’t think they were because of how sweet they are), high in potassium, and Vitamins A & C.

And to make them even better, they are kid friendly. Every mom appreciates that. Every mom enjoys giving their kids healthy snacks, too.

See more photos from my Mighties Kiwi Tour:

There are duplicates in the gallery from what was shown above. Click the thumbnails to see larger. 


Cuties Citrus Tour

Day two consisted of a tour of the Cuties packing center. Words cannot describe how huge it was. Let’s just put it this way: my legs were extremely sore the next day after walking around this place.

Cuties Citrus

I was blown away by how big everything was. It was such a unique experience to see everything first hand.

I thought there were a lot of steps to the Kiwis, but the cuties are even more in depth.

Cuties Citrus

Cuties Citrus

It is one of those things I never thought would be important to learn, but I’m so glad I did.

It was an amazing life experience.

Cuties are picked for size, and there are many ways they make sure that you get a fruit that is a decent size.

Cuties Citrus

Their machines weed out the smaller fruit in multiple different areas. The fruit that isn’t big enough isn’t just wasted though, it is sent off to a different facility for juicing.

The multiple steps taken to make sure Cuties are worth every penny spent on them is breathtaking.

Cuties Citrus

Cuties Citrus

Another thing that was really exciting was the machine that detects the color of the fruit. If the color isn’t right, it isn’t packaged up.

It’s these little things that that really amaze. Who knew there was even a machine that did that?

Cuties Citrus

Cuties has a dedicated team of workers that pick through the rotten fruit.

In the special room with UV lights, they’re able to pick out the fruit that wouldn’t be very good to eat.

Cuties Citrus

This whole section focuses just on that. It was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever seen.

Again, not something I would have expected to experience.

We all know Cuties. They are the best selling clementine brand in the country.

My kids have always loved them. They love that they are easy to peel, easy to pack for on the go, seedless, and I love that they are nutritious.

Just like with Mighties, we were able to see first hand where the fruit was grown. It had just stopped raining for the day so everything was quite muddy, but I wouldn’t have changed the day at all because it was so beautiful.

Cuties Citrus

Cuties Citrus

Not only did we get to see the acres and acres of trees, but got to taste fresh Cuties right off the tree.

It had to be the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted.

It’s no surprise Cuties are number one.

I would love to visit this place again, it is so close to the mountains.

Cuties Citrus Cuties Citrus

The fresh air was wonderful, and experiencing the views after a rain storm made it that much better.

See more photos from my Cuties Tour:

Some duplicates here as well!


As someone from the Central Valley, there could not have been a better trip for me to take. My home produces so many great things and I am so proud to have been able to see it all first-hand.

I was already a huge fan, as a fruit lover and a mother, but now I’m a lifelong loyal customer.

There is so much love and care put into these fruit. I couldn’t ask for a better brand to be loyal to.

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This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Mighties Kiwi blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

20 comments on “Mighties Kiwi & Cuties Citrus Tour Experience #MightiesKiwi”

  1. What an amazing opportunity! I live in agriculture on my husband’s family farm. Yes, there is so much more that goes into our food than most realize. I love both kiwis and cuties. So exciting to see a glimpse behind my favorite fruit.

  2. Wow! I am completely enlightened. That is so interesting. I had no idea they were all grown like that. Looks like getting to see the process was awesome. Thanks for the amazing pictures too!

  3. I learned SO much!! I never new that mighties and Cuties were from the same company. (sweet!!) I also never saw a Kiwi tree before. I want one. But I live in Kansas…….and now I want a kiwi 🙂

  4. Oh I would have LOVED to be on that tour! I love, love, love kiwis and the girls beg for them every time they see them . I had no idea they were so tenderly cared for before they reached our stores. Nor did I know there are male and female plants.. just like avocados.. Neat! Cuties are another favorite treat around here . Pure goodness!

  5. Wow! Your post was very informative and makes me want to go on that tour. The scenery is gorgeous. (Love the photo of the Cutie on the tree with water droplets on it.)

  6. I love Kiwi fruit and I never knew that was how they grow. It seems like a lot of work to get them to market but all worthwhile. The last picture is simply amazing. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Those photos are awesome! Growing up in Florida was kind of the same way – we had orange and grapefruit groves everywhere so we just picked our fill. My oldest LOVES kiwi – I am going to have to look for these. We have a little tray of Cuties in our fridge at all times. The girls LOVE them and I love that they are so good for them.

  8. Believe it or not, I have never tried Cuties before. I have heard a lot people rave about them, though. Also, I didn’t realize how much went on behind the scenes.

  9. I love both the cuties and the mighties, as do my kids. The photos are beautiful and it is interesting learning about how they package them. After reading this though, it sort of breaks my heart that they take out the fruit that isn’t exactly perfect. That food is just as good to eat I’m sure, and it seems like a waste. They could perhaps at least package those up to go to discount stores or donate — that would be a better use. Perhaps a suggestion could be passed to them. 🙂

  10. I would love to tour this facility! What an interesting opportunity. I love kiwi, but I had no idea how they were processed. My family visited Florida a couple years ago and picked oranges but it was so much fun. It was one of the highlights of our trip. I think it was because we could never pick oranges here in Ohio. 🙂

    Your photos are great!

  11. There was a time where my daughter would only grab kiwi at lunch time in the cafeteria she loved it so much! There is nothing better than fresh fruit and cuties are the perfect size for a little snack.

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