There are numerous reasons to decide that you want to remake yourself. Maybe you’ve just gone through a break up. Maybe you’ve lost a job or are about to start a new one. Maybe you feel sluggish and blah after spending the winter and spring tucked inside away from the cold and damp. Maybe you’re simply in need of a change. Whatever the reason, you’re ready for a summer makeover.

Start Small

Remember: it takes time to develop new habits and if you try to makeover your whole self in just a couple of days the shock will be too startling and you’ll be more likely to revert back to the you you’re trying to leave behind. There are stages to developing healthier habits just like there are stages to a makeover. Spend some time thinking about what you want and making decisions before you go wild. Make changes one at a time. If you really want to change, you want that change to stick, right? This is the best way to do that.

A New ‘Do For a New You

It’s a new season; you’re ready for a new you and one of the steps in that process is changing your hair. For some this means something simple like cutting bangs (there’s a great guide for making sure you choose the right bangs for your face shape over on the blog), getting layers or cutting off a few inches of hair length.

For others this will mean a whole new cut and maybe even a brand new color. If you do, decide to go with a new color remember what we said about going slowly: start with a temporary dye and then, if you still love the color after a week or two (or whenever the temporary dye starts to fade), you can switch to permanent dye. If you don’t, no big deal—it’s about to fade away!

Yes You Can Change Your Face

All hail the wonder that is makeup. Make up gives you a fantastic and temporary way to change the way your face looks every day. You can change your complexion. You can opt for a natural look or glam all the way up. Try out a few different looks and see how you feel while you’re wearing them.

PRO TIP: During the experimentation phase, it’s okay to use the cheap stuff. When you settle into a few looks that you really love, invest in the good stuff (and in mass quantities of it. Makeup companies are famous for discontinuing the exact shade people need at the exact second they run out of it).

Building a Brand New Wardrobe on a Budget

It’s unlikely that you have the money to simply donate every stitch of clothing you currently own and replace it with brand new stuff. Even so, there are ways to infuse your wardrobe with new pieces (and plenty of them). The best way to do this is to shop at thrift stores. If you know how to work thrift stores to your advantage you can get what would amount to a whole new wardrobe for a fraction of what just a few new pieces would cost you at a department store or high end boutique.

Do not throw out anything you currently own just yet. Instead, try to blend what you currently have with the new stuff you’ve added. For example: you don’t need to buy a brand new white button down shirt if you already have four of them.

These are just surface level makeover tips. There are other types of makeovers too. Developing healthier eating habits, workout routines, lifestyle habits, etc. are also ways that you can make yourself over. Just remember: go slowly. Develop one new habit at a time and you’ll be less likely to rebel against the changes you’re trying to make!

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