More Than a Bandaid: What To Do When Loved Ones Suffer

In every Dr. Mom’s medical kit is an endless supply of bandaids, tubes of antiseptic cream, and more hugs and kisses than can be contained. Fortunately, this usually does the trick. But once in a rare while, it doesn't. At those times, a doctor’s appointment is arranged, or a trip to the ER becomes necessary. Prescription medicine is purchased. The cast has to stay on for at least 6 weeks. And we are going to need a lot more hugs and kisses. But there is a level of tragedy beyond that, and no amount of bandaids and kisses can make it go away. It is a nightmare that we dare not face in the daylight. It is the moment when a loved one becomes truly sick or injured. Only so much healing can be done, and they have to live with some type of physical disfigurement. Worse still, it is not just … [Read More...]


What The Diamond Means: It’s More Than A Ring

Nearly all women dream of their wedding day. Some even start planning their special day from a very young age. However, before a wedding takes place, the custom has been to present an engagement ring and ask for the lady's hand in marriage. For centuries, the tradition has been to present a ring … [Read More...]

I love being a dance mom

What I Love About Being a Dance Mom

If you watch TV, dance moms are crazy loudmouths who will do anything to get their child ahead...even at the expense of their "friends" children. As with most television shows this is not the reality of a normal day-to-day dance mom, and while I enjoy the TV show's drama as much as the next person … [Read More...]

I'm a writer

I’m a Writer

The realization that I am meant to be a writer did not hit me instantaneously. I didn't even think it was a possibility after years of blogging, which makes absolutely no sense at all. The crazy part is I do not expect anything phenomenal to happen in regard to my passion for writing. I am in no … [Read More...]


Get Your Body Beach Ready For Summer 2014

Still hanging on to the pounds you gained over the holidays? Are you scared of pulling out your tankini to see if it still fits? Well don’t start dieting on peas just because you want to look slammin’ at the beach. To truly start working towards getting that leaner, firmer, and trimmer look, you … [Read More...]


Hair Removal Options for Skin-Baring Fashions

Spring and summer 2014 promises a lot of amazing fashion trends, such as shimmery iridescent dresses, bold patterns and asymmetrical prints. Regardless of which style you go for, one thing for certain is that you’ll be showing a lot of skin this season. Whether you’re attending a gallery opening in … [Read More...]

3d fiber lashes before and after

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Before and After!

It is safe to say that there has been a lot of buzz around Younique and their product line that includes the raved about 3D Fiber Lashes. I cannot begin to tell you how many people have told me about the 3D Fiber Lashes ($29) and despite seeing the before and after shots I remained a little weary. I … [Read More...]