Things I Realized As I Grew Up

the say family

Growing up is never easy, and we only realize after we’re grown that we should have stopped to smell the roses a little more as children. I have often thought about how as a child all I wanted to do was grow up. I wanted to be free, unchained, and have the ability to go [Continue Reading]

Best FREE Commercial Use Halloween Fonts

best commercial use free Halloween fonts

It can be difficult to find themed fonts that are free for commercial use, and let’s face it if you’re a blogger you fall under commercial use. Thankfully I have done some digging and found the best free commercial use Halloween fonts! Download them here:  1) Casper 2) Skullphabet 3) Flatline 4) Zombie Holocaust 5) [Continue Reading]

Celebrate the World of Eric Carle

The World of Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the book that made most of us recognize wonderful work of The World of Eric Carle. The World of Eric Carle has a long running reputation of imaginative story telling and vibrant artwork. The playful learning experience the different pieces provide have made this ‘brand’ one of the most beloved to [Continue Reading]

Blogging with CoSchedule: From Hectic to Sane

Blogging with CoSchedule: From Hectic to Sane

There is a solid fact about blogging that is impossible to fully understand until you’re knee deep in it: blogging is hectic, and it will swallow you whole unless you stay organized and prepared. I’ve tried many different ways of staying on target and some of them worked, but required extra steps. I’ve kept planners, [Continue Reading]

Can Common Core Standards Save America?


Why is the United States falling behind other countries in education? It’s not because American children are less intelligent. In fact, ubiquitous digital devices in young hands means that our children can tap into the global brain, the Internet, any time they like. It’s not because of insufficient money allocated for education. In fact, according [Continue Reading]