Blogging with CoSchedule: From Hectic to Sane

Blogging with CoSchedule: From Hectic to Sane

There is a solid fact about blogging that is impossible to fully understand until you’re knee deep in it: blogging is hectic, and it will swallow you whole unless you stay organized and prepared. I’ve tried many different ways of staying on target and some of them worked, but required extra steps. I’ve kept planners, [Continue Reading]

Can Common Core Standards Save America?


Why is the United States falling behind other countries in education? It’s not because American children are less intelligent. In fact, ubiquitous digital devices in young hands means that our children can tap into the global brain, the Internet, any time they like. It’s not because of insufficient money allocated for education. In fact, according [Continue Reading]

Spruce Up Your Lace Headbands

Spruce Up Your Headband with Shabbies, Sequins, bling, and Feathers

A couple weeks ago I shared an easy sew lace headband tutorial with you, and now I have a quick and easy how-to to spruce up those headbands, and just so you know this works with your fold-over elastic headbands as well. This is an extremely easy task–and only requires a few items. Lace headbands [Continue Reading]

Tough Love Versus Just Plain Tough

Show Dad You Care With A Personalized Card From Cardstore #WorldsToughestJob

The term “Tough Love” is full of controversy. The phrase was originally coined by Bill Milliken in his 1968 book, Tough Love, a guide to helping parents deal with addiction in their children. The concept behind tough love is that love sometimes makes parents too permissive when it comes to dealing with their addicted children, [Continue Reading]

Zoey’s creepy halloween costume request…


Zoey has always been my girly girl during Halloween, but this year she shocked me. Zoey: “Mom, I want to be Enderman this year for Halloween.” Me: “WHAT?” Zoey: “Yeah…so I can really scare everybody.” Me: Walks away slowly. Enderman is the creepy tall dude from Minecraft that teleports around you super fast and makes [Continue Reading]