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There are many great things associated with parenthood. We all know how our children make our lives worth living and express our love for children often. One thing that is rarely talked about because it is so difficult to explain in words is the best-kept parenting secret: the perks.


These perks aren’t the traditional kind. It’s not money or a car. It’s a rite of passage for every single parent out there. The Firsts. These firsts are unique to every child, every mother, and every father. They are the things only we were lucky enough to witness and experience. They’re ours, and we do everything we can to make sure we document every single one of these little miracles.

It’s Love at First Sight. Over and over and over again.

Love at First Sight

As parents, we get to witness the magic every time our children hit another milestone, experience a new first and grow up just a tiny bit more. It’s beautiful, magical, wonderful and a little bit heartbreaking. But it is what we live for.

One of the best (and worst) ‘Firsts’ for me and my oldest daughter was when she finally decided she was fully potty trained.

At first I was extremely happy and somewhat relieved. No more wiping butts! Hooray! This euphoria was short lived because I slowly came to realize that I’m going to be missing a huge chunk of bonding time I had with my kid. A diaper change was never just a diaper change. After the new diaper was on, we always played and joked together. It was one of my favorite times between us.

zoey reading description of super duper pooper book

That time is over now. For both of my kids. I’ll admit that Emma still wears diapers at night time, it’s better than changing her sheet in the middle of the night. Back when Zoey was a baby we fell in love with Pampers Swaddlers.

When Zoey was a baby, the sizes were not extended as they are now. When we were able we made sure to buy these Swaddlers for Emma at night. They are soft and never ever leak. Even when Emma decides to get up for a drink 5 or 6 times.


It’s a throwback to Zoey’s baby days, as well as a relief that Emma’s protected through the night.

It’s a relief that Pampers Swaddlers have all the perks that they do. And as a mom to a toddler, I’m so excited that they are now available in size 6! As a customer, it is extremely nice to see brands listening to the requests of their customers. This change has made so many families happy.

Of course, Pampers Swaddlers offer all babies superior comfort, protection and blanket-like softness. It doesn’t matter how young your precious bundle of joy is, this diaper will treat them right with the best comfort. The 12-hour leak protection can’t be argued with, either.


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56 comments on “Perks of Parenthood: Love at First Sight”

  1. The first milestone of my baby, I remember when my baby started to crawl all the time put it in your gym and want to take a toy is pushed with their small feet there no longer stop crawling ♥

  2. There are so many, but my favorite was my older daughters first step! She was trying to pet our cat, who loves her but wants nothing to do with her. We all squealed so loud that she took a step, that the cat ran off! We all laughed!

  3. My favorite milestone of my son’s was when he started crawling. I remember it like it was yesterday. We got him to crawl to his halloween bucket of suckers. When he got there he just smiled so big. I’ll never forget that one.

  4. My babys first milestone was smiling and then laughing! I wish i had been able to catch his first belly laugh on video.it was the most precious thing to me.

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