I mentioned in my previous post about PHENOM, that I would be posting a video of myself trying the three PHENOM flavors that I chose. That video will come later in the post! Overall PHENOM has provided a very interesting experience as far as trying something new is concerned.

I was really nervous about trying PHENOM, as I am picky and choosy about the drinks I consume. I was surprised that I liked 2 out of the 3 flavors that I picked.

Drinking pure coconut water was more fun than I thought!


It is also fun to know that PHENOM is considered to be the anti hangover drink…I’ll have to remember that in the near future! Kidding…I don’t get hangovers!

On to the video, remember before I shot this I had not tried them. Zoey did not care for them, but in the end the Lemon Mojito and Blueberry Pomme were pretty good! The only one I did not care for was Pineapple Punch as it tasted too artificial.

Let me know, have you tried PHENOM? What is your favorite flavor?

3 comments on “PHENOM Pure Coconut Water Review [VLOG]”

  1. This is one health drink I should start considering for my grocery list, thanks for saying something about pineapple punch I was about to chose that but would just prefer the other flavors

  2. I wish I could like coconut water – I love coconuts, and I love health drinks – but I just didn’t enjoy it last time I tried. Maybe I’ll try this brand and see if I like it better!

  3. I just LOVE coconut water, and I have tried these myself. I thought for sure the Blueberry Pomme would be me favorite, but unfortunately it wasn’t 🙁 I’m not too big on the flavors I think I’ll stick to the natural flavor.
    Love the video 🙂

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