My good friend and business partner, Jenna, and I always chat every night and just talk about the world and how things are going. Unfortunately tonight’s chat was about something that both shocked and disgusted me.

An “influential” blogger was selling her $170 portable crib on Facebook “New in Box” just two days after publishing the review on her blog.


Don’t believe me? I have a handy dandy screenshot.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.13.49 PM.jpg.jpg

When I saw this, I commented on the photo with her review link asking her if the product was really New in Box or not. Within two minutes her “for sale” post on Facebook had been deleted.

Shady shady business.

The point is…do not do this. This is disrespectful to the brand, disrespectful to the bloggers who were turned down to review that big ticket item (who probably needed it, not wanted to make a profit off of it,) and last but not least: it puts yet another big fat red mark on the blogging community.

I am just baffled by this.

I probably don’t need to say this again, but: DON’T DO THIS!


Due to some people accusing me of bullying this blogger I have fully blacked out the name of the blogger. Because being googled for something that actually happened is bullying. But all joking aside, I wrote this post to discuss the issue, not the blogger.

I knew I’d receive some backlash from people who are friends with the now fully anonymous blogger, but this is yet another example of why you should be careful what you do online. I thought hard about this post, and even though it seems the masses do not agree I stand by my decision.

13 comments on “Pro Blogging Tip: Don’t Sell Big Ticket “Review” Items as “New In Box” on Facebook”

  1. My jaw dropped but at the same time, it shouldn’t have. So many people would have reviewed this and then USED IT. Heck, I have a friend desperately in need of everything for her baby. It’s people doing crap like this that stops people from being able to review and actually use the products like we are supposed to.

  2. I can see how this might land in a grey area. If it was only used for pictures, then it could still be considered NIB. But my question is why take a review product just to review for a day and turn around and sell. It seems like such a waste of time and resources but to each their own.

  3. I have donated and even sold some items I have reviewed, however I have never – and could never with a clear conscience sell something new in box. And if her item truly WAS new in box, then how exactly was she able to do an honest review? It gives honest bloggers a black eye.

  4. You are calling her out publicly though since you left her last name in there. I guess I’m not sure why you blacked out part of her first name but not her last. Why block it out at all if you are making it so very easy to know who it is?

  5. And I’m not saying I’m sticking up for her, but it is really hard to know the situation unless you can find a pattern. I have gotten more than one review item before.

  6. I am not a blogger (though I am on line friends with Nina), but in my humble opinion, if you get a product for review and USE IT, you CANNOT consider it New in Box. That implies the seal has not been broken, which would be impossible if you had to review the item.

  7. I applaud Nina for putting up the “N.B.” at the end of this blog. At the same time, to me it was completely unnecessary. I know Nina well enough to say that her intent was to “criticize” the method used by the blogger to sell the item in question and NOT to “out” the person involved. People need to step back, take a deep breath, and take this blog entry in the context intended. Personally attacking Nina for what was a technical error is unnecessary, rude, and insulting.

  8. I came across a top blogger (who even leads a networking group and owns a marketing company) doing the exact same thing in a Facebook yardsale/resale group. I had no idea how to handle the situation. I wanted to confront her with it- but instead decided I no longer wanted the item and just told her I changed my mind. (It was hard too- I really wanted the item and it was cheap). I wish there was an anonymous tip line we could report these bloggers to so that brands would be aware this is happening.

  9. I really wish people hadn’t pressured you into censoring this post. It would have been far better (for all concerned) if readers could see the article and form their own opinions – both good and bad. But, now we can’t do that.

    So – speaking *hypothetically*….

    Resale doesn’t bother me as much as poor review quality. The point of a review is to experience the product beyond what can be found on the product website or instruction videos (and to do it in an honest way). Anything less is just an unboxing which cheats the brand out of promotion, the blog readers out of information and reduces the value of review bloggers as a whole. Not to mention adding fuel to the ‘bloggers are shills’ fire.

    Luckily, there are plenty of bloggers who do their job to the fullest. We just need to keep giving our best so that PR concentrates on the positive instead of the negative.

    • It is really disheartening to me that it went that far. I edited it out because I do not need the “you’re a bully!” comments that are obviously just low blows.

      I do not mind the selling of products months or years after you receive the review product. But two days after the review was published and labeled as “New in Box” is what grinds my gears. I’ve never ever sold a review product, but I have donated them quite a few times (and only when my kids outgrew them or something similar.) The blogger also gave me and Jenna two different reasons ( 1: She bought one before the review and 2: The brand sent her two.)

      The whole situation bothers me.

      But you are right, I am so glad for all of the strong, ethical, and professional bloggers who shine good light onto the blogosphere.

  10. The problem with selling a review product is that you’re hit twice for taxes – one the value of the product and then what you end up selling it for. Instead, it’s best to give the item to charity, that way you can claim the deduction and write off the value of an item you received. Plus, it’s just a nice thing to do for the local community as I’m sure women’s shelters in her area would have loved to have such a nice item. Also, I’m beginning to notice blogger contracts forbidding selling items received for review.

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