Dads are important. But just like Moms they are often taken for granted, and with Father’s Day coming up we should do everything we can to make sure they know how meaningful they truly are to all of us, whether on the Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Great-Great-Grandpa, (and so on) level.

Getting Dad something special can be an extravagant feat, but something just as meaningful is a personalized card. Cardstore offers many many card designs and styles, it is almost too hard to decide on one! I’ll take you through my shopping experience, and show you the cards my girls and I picked for their Dad and Grandpa.

First, I have to say I browsed the selections available at least three times. I could not decide. I wanted something that meant something to both my girls and the Dads in question.

Personalized Card for Dad

Daddy is up first! The card we ended up with for Bryan is absolutely adorable, and rings true for many reasons.


Perfect, right?

After selecting the right card, we went in together and personalized the inside, like so:


In case you were wondering, the “craziness” reference came from my five year old, who is a firm believer that her whining and bad moments are caused by temporary insanity rather than choice. It’s a work in progress.

The reasoning behind this card was to reiterate the level of awe and inspiration my girls see their dad in. They think he is the coolest person alive, and while I may feel left out of the cool kids club every now and again there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing my daughters grow up with such a great dad.

Personalized Card for Grandpa

Grandpas are another major part of every child’s life, and provide so much support and wisdom. It would be foolish (and to be honest, a huge mistake) to leave them out of the celebrations. My girls have very close relationships with all of their Grandpas, and this card is just one example of what they will be giving to them.


Yep. We couldn’t find a card that better expressed how they feel about their Grandpa.


We personalized the inside a bit more, as Grandparents always appreciate a good picture. I would definitely say this is fridge-worthy!

Giving a personalized card is just one of the ways we can thank Dad for having the World’s Toughest Job. Speaking of World’s Toughest Jobs, the Cardstore casting video provides some extremely realistic scenarios that will make you want to laugh and cry.

I would also like to invite you to join me in participating in the #WorldsToughestJob Twitter Party with Cardstore on June 6th, 1PM EST.

Until then, don’t forget to order the Dad(s) in your life a personalized card from Cardstore!

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