I have always been the type of person who loves blasting music while I am cleaning my house, driving, or doing anything that doesn’t necessarily require a large amount of concentration. In my home I normally play music from my computer, which results in a really clean kitchen, dining room, and living room area…but the rest of the house remains neglected.

You see, I cannot clean while it is silent. I get bored and distracted. I’ve tried watching TV while cleaning, but I end up sitting down and not moving. Before I received my Soundfreaq Wireless Bluetooth Speaker the bedrooms and bathrooms of my home were sadly neglected.

Needless to say I love this little speaker so much.

The box it comes in is cute and compact. I wont lie, I thought the speaker was going to be much bigger than it actually was. At first I was a little concerned that such a small speaker wouldn’t be able to blast the music like I wanted. I was wrong. Once you pop open the stand in the back, connect a device, and start rocking out you will have a house party on your hands.

I think it is great that you can connect this speaker to any music playing device that has bluetooth. So, naturally I can connect it to my Macbook Pro, my iPhone, and my iMac. Since my phone is always in my pocket I never have to worry about being too far. It is super easy to pick up the speaker and move it from room to room while cleaning, and it sounds amazing in my bathrooms.

I didn’t realize this at first, but you can also skip songs on the actual speaker as well. Really neat.

This is something I didn’t know how to explain but I figured I’d share it anyway, when it is plugged in, you can go to a much higher volume than when it is wireless. Not necessary because when it is without it is plenty loud, but definitely something worth mentioning.

Now, as with any speaker, there are times when it sounds a little wonky. Either the volume is too high and cannot handle the amount of bass in a particular song, or the volume is too loud on the device and needs to be adjusted…you will need to mess around and find the best volume settings for you.

All in all, this speaker has made me a very happy stay at home mom. I can even hear my favorite song over my vacuum.


Color options:

  • Three chromatic editions
  • Black (like mine!)
  • All white ghost edition

Buy it:

Sound Kick is available online on Target.com, Soundfreaq.com, Bestbuy.com, Staples.com, Kohls.com. Also available nationwide in store at  Target, Radio Shack, Walmart, and Sears.


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.