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Nutrisystem Week 14 Weigh In – #NSNation, I’m Back on Track!

Well, one week back on the wagon and I’m a little

Nutrisystem Week 13 Weigh In, I made it through the holidays! – #NSNation

So…Holidays are horrendous. I am more happy about the coming new

Nutrisystem Week 12 Weigh In – #NSNation

Wow–the holidays are hard. Here I was thinking Thanksgiving was a

Nutrisystem Week 11 Weigh In – #NSNation

Things are looking up after a horrible week 10. Thankfully I’m

Nutrisystem Week 10 Weigh In – #NSNation

Well, it finally happened. I had my first week where I’m

Nutrisystem Week 9 Weigh In – #NSNation

I made it through my first holiday. I may have had

Nutrisystem Week 8 Weigh In – #NSNation

Each week I am more and more impressed, and become more

Nutrisystem Week 7 Weigh In #NSNation

After re-reading my week 6 post I know that I sounded

Nutrisystem Week 6 Weigh In #NSNation

I’m truckin’ along. That is my new saying for how I