Nutrisystem Week 14 Weigh In – #NSNation, I’m Back on Track!


Well, one week back on the wagon and I’m a little disappointed. I have been focused and dedicated but this week I am at a standstill. I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any either. The scale didn’t budge at all. This is the first time this has happened to me since I started my Nutrisystem journey. It is a little shocking to me because I’ve always completely understood why I gained weight. The way I’m rationalizing this is I’m still recovering from bouncing around in weight since … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 13 Weigh In, I made it through the holidays! – #NSNation


So…Holidays are horrendous. I am more happy about the coming new year than I have ever been before. I cannot wait to not have what seems like weekly family parties where I’m tempted by all kinds of food that shouldn’t be touching my lips at all. This week was horrible, and while I’ve said this many times…I’m not going to be cheating again. I blame it on the holidays because it could never be my fault that I slipped up (hopefully the sarcasm is super relevant here…) I guess it isn’t all that bad, … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 12 Weigh In – #NSNation


Wow--the holidays are hard. Here I was thinking Thanksgiving was a major challenge I feel like I’ve been sadly mistaken. Zoey’s birthday is today. We’ve had a few parties for her and at each one I’ve been tempted by cake and pancit and other amazing foods. I can’t say that I’ve turned them down, but I did limit myself and allowed myself only enough portions to satisfy my cravings. I think having the will to make sure I do not over-do it when it comes to food is important. I love the Nutrisystem … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 11 Weigh In – #NSNation


Things are looking up after a horrible week 10. Thankfully I’m doing much better in my weight loss endeavor and am only eating my Nutrisystem foods. No more Taco Bell for me! I am not quite to where I was before my “gain week.” That is what I’m calling it, by the way…my “gain week.” It will be my only one that is caused by weakness.It is the holidays, after all…I am not going to be too hard on myself. I’m moving on and keeping my head held high.This week I was determined to not slack off, and to … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 10 Weigh In – #NSNation


Well, it finally happened. I had my first week where I’m not so happy with my results. I SLIPPED FROM THE NUTRISYSTEM! AHHHH! Yes, I know. Super dramatic but that is how I feel.I am going to be completely honest here, and face it…but it was completely my fault. I cheated on two meals this week.9 weeks of being so strong and I cheated twice! I’m so ashamed! If this week has taught me anything is that mistakes happen, and eating bad when the most important thing in life is losing weight and … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 9 Weigh In – #NSNation

I made it through my first holiday. I may have had a bite or two of non-Nutrisystem food but I didn’t overindulge. I’m proud of myself! This is the first holiday I’ve gone through where I didn’t over eat and didn’t gain weight. I am really proud of myself. I now know I have all the self control I need to stick to my plans and not break down. I can stay strong and not ruin all of my hard work. This is amazing news to me is that because of my dedication I have fought so hard for has really … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 8 Weigh In – #NSNation


Each week I am more and more impressed, and become more and more dedicated in my journey. I honestly cannot recall a time in the past where I have felt so completely inspired by what I’m doing, and have no intentions of quitting. I’ve been changing up my Nutrisystem meals so I don’t get tired of any of them. I also do not “choose” which one I’m going to eat, I always randomly pick a meal so I’m always pleasantly surprised. It isn’t so much about the pounds anymore, it is about more than that. … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 7 Weigh In #NSNation


After re-reading my week 6 post I know that I sounded a little grim. I honestly do not know what got into me, it probably was my disappointment in the amount lost for the week. Well, I am feeling so much better now than I was then, and I believe I was wrong about hitting a plateau. Sometimes I forget that losing weight is a slow and steady process, not a get skinny quick plan that works overnight. Now more than ever I firmly believe in Nutrisystem and how well it works, especially for me. I … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 6 Weigh In #NSNation


I’m truckin’ along. That is my new saying for how I feel 6 weeks into my Nutrisystem journey. Even though this is my easiest dieting journey I’ve ever been on, I still encounter obstacles and have my downfalls. So, truckin’ along it is. I’m making progress and it isn’t easy, but progress is good and it is all I could ever ask for. This of me like the little truck that could. There is something interesting that I have noticed about my body--every other week I lose significantly less weight than … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Week 5 Weigh-In #NSNation


This week I hit a huge goal, one that I’ve been looking forward to hitting for a very long time. But before I talk about that goal I want to talk about this week and how Nutrisystem is doing for me. I’m on my second month of Nutrisystem, and this time around I stocked up on foods I know I enjoy. Even though they are a lot of the same food item I know I love them so much that I wouldn’t mind eating them for days in a row if it came down to it. This time around I have a lot of burgers, soups, and … [Read more...]