#SoyParaSoy Triple Berry Pancakes Recipe – Do You Soy?

Soy Oil Triple Berry Pancakes

I've mentioned before of certain ways to make your favorite foods in a healthier fashion, and this is another way to do so! I can name so many recipes that use oil as a main ingredient. In fact every person I know has oil stocked in their cupboards because of how often they use it. We make some great things with oil whether we are frying some chicken legs or making a birthday cake. How can you make it healthier? Try using soy oil, a healthier alternative to many oils on the market today. Did … [Read more...]

Perks of a Family Talk Plan – #Net10Latino


Do you share your cell phone plan with your family? Do you pay extra for minutes, text messages, or media messaging? There are better ways to keep your family in touch that do not cost an arm and a leg every month. This is especially useful for families who have preteens and teens who feel it is the most important thing in the world to have a cell phone--even if we aren't ready for them to have a phone yet. My whole life I've been on a contract cell phone plan, and it was always expensive. … [Read more...]

Marvels the Avengers Iron Man Meets Minnie Mouse #Giveaway #HasbroHalloween

Iron Man Mask and Tri-Power Repulsor

I recently received the Iron Man Mission Mask and the Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor thinking I could give them to my husband to wear for Halloween...but that plan was quickly squashed when Zoey saw the set. Zoey originally planned on being Minnie Mouse this year for Halloween. She was super excited about it because Minnie is one of her favorite characters on TV...but there is something enchanting about a mask and Tri-Repulsor that makes noise and is interactive...because of this the Iron Minnie … [Read more...]

Join me for the Hasbro Twitter Party with Latina Mom Bloggers! #HasbroHalloween

hasbro logo

I'm really excited to announce that I am a panelist for the upcoming Hasbro Twitter Party with Latina Mom Bloggers! This is a Twitter party for all of you parents who feel the financial frustration when it comes down to buying Halloween costumes for the kids! We are going to talk about fun, safe, and cost-friendly ways to make this time of year exciting for your kids while staying within budget! Hasbro's role-play toy lines from The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man make for amazing … [Read more...]

Mi Best Buy Mi Cultura – $100 Best Buy Giveaway


I recently share my Mi Best Buy Mi Cultura Shopping Experience with all of you, and now that I've had a little more time to use and experience SiriusXM Satellite Radio I have a few more things to say about not only that service, but the great experience I had with the Best Buy employees to installed it into my car. Mi Best Buy, Mi Cultura is a great way to help us all celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The way I enjoy celebrating is getting together with my family, eating great food, laughing, … [Read more...]

Mamás para Huggies: A Day in the Life of Nina Say #HuggiesLatino

Huggies Logo

With my third and final post for Mamás para Huggies I am going to share with you a day in my life and some awesome parenting tips via Poncho De Anda. This is probably going to hit home with a lot of stay-at-home moms out there...let me tell you all about my day-to-day routine as well as share a video highlighting my favorite parts of the day. Every morning I wake up and think to myself: "Maybe I'll have enough time to have my coffee before the girls wake up today..." NOPE! That never happens. … [Read more...]

Mi Best Buy, Mi Cultura and My Experience with SiriusXM Radio! #MiCultura


If you haven't heard about it before, the Mi Best Buy Mi Cultura initiative is an amazing program that is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Because of this I had the opportunity to shop around Best Buy, and celebrate my culture through SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Like many of my friends, my family raised me to appreciate music. Music has always been something I turn to to motivate me, cheer me up, get me excited, and lets not forget to make me dance. Music is a part of my culture, and now I … [Read more...]

Chicken Egg Drop Soup Recipe with Mazola® Sobrecitos™

Mazola® Sobrecitos™ Chicken Egg Drop Soup

 We have a very unique palette in our house, we go from asian inspired dishes to my mother-in-laws delicious Peruvian cuisine. It doesn't matter what type of food we are cooking, bouillon has always been a staple. We use it in everything from soups to rice dishes, and believe me when I say we always have a pretty good stock pile in our pantry--we hate nothing more than preparing to make dinner and finding out we're all out of bouillon. Especially when I want to make Egg Drop Soup! Mazola® … [Read more...]

Trident #SeeWhatUnfolds and Me!

Trident Spanish

Trident has always been a household brand for my family, we go through packs of gum like we go through toilet paper--we're always buying new packs because we can't help but to always be chewing on a piece of gum. You'd be surprised how much we actually chew considering it is just my husband and I, Zoey doesn't care for  gum and Emma is obviously too young. I've been following the Trident brand for a long time, and they keep coming up with new genius ideas that keep me entertained and engaged … [Read more...]

Putting Huggies® to the Test! Mamás para Huggies® #HuggiesLatino

Huggies Logo

As the second installment of my Mamás para Huggies® campaign trail, I get the opportunity to share my experiences with the Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, Natural Care Wipes, One & Done Wipes, and New Simply Clean Wipes. I can tell you right now that even before this campaign started, the Huggies One & Done wipes were my favorite...we buy them in the biggest package available. We love to stock up. Emma is going to be four months old this month, and as I'm sure you've guessed she is … [Read more...]