How to: Identity Safety While Home Buying, Part 2! #LifeLock

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Ever since I wrote my first post (Tips to Buy a New Home Safely) about things you can do to make sure you're protected from theft when buying a new home and making the move I've been doing a lot of thinking. Just because these facts are readily available for us, the stress of moving can sometimes overshadow logic. What I want all of you to do is to keep your eyes open for any friends/family that you know of who are moving, show them my posts about how to stay safe and protect your … [Read more...]

Tips to Buy a New Home Safely #LifeLock

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Buying a house is something everyone goes through at one point in their lives or another. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of saving and buying our first home. We may not be six months away from escrow but I want to make sure that I am confident and I can make sure our family stays protected when we do buy a house in the future. These tips will help you stay safe while making the transition into your new home. If these apply to you and you've recently made that exciting purchase, … [Read more...]

Are You Staying Safe During Holiday Travel? #LifeLock

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There is only one thing I dread about this time of year--travel. While we do not travel very far (only a 40 minute car ride) it gets old fast and can be dangerous if you're not careful. We have three different Christmas celebrations we attend, one in the town we live in and then two 40 minutes away. This time of year is especially hectic and busy for us and it starts around Thanksgiving, keeps going around Zoey's birthday and then finishes up after Christmas. Each of these events calls for three … [Read more...]

It is Black Friday – Are You Shopping Safely Online? #LifeLock

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Today is Black Friday, we all have searched for deals. This time of year is the hub of shopping, and if you are anything like me you might prefer online shopping to the traditional waiting in two-hour-lines at Target shopping. Online shopping makes life so much easier, but it is a breeding ground for your information to be compromised if you are not careful. Here are the ways I stay safe when shopping online--and I'd like to think I'm a professional online shopper, with two kids I am always … [Read more...]

How to protect yourself when donating online! #LifeLock

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It seems like it never ends, the invitations and requests to donate to a good cause. It seems like new causes pop up on a daily basis, and sometimes the authenticity can seem a little shady...I'm going to share with you today some great ways to make sure you--and your information is safe when using the Internet to donate money with a credit card. As a LifeLock Brand Ambassador I've learned some great ways to protect myself, and I've applied lessons learned in the past to anything I do online in … [Read more...]

#LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes

LifeLock for Life Sweepstakes

A few days ago I officially announced my partnership with LifeLock and my new role as a brand ambassador, now I have some fun LifeLock related news to share with you that I know you'll enjoy. LifeLock recently went live with a new sweepstakes game on their Facebook page called "LifeLock for Life." It unveiled on September 11th and will be continuing throughout 2013 so there are tons of opportunities for you to win! How does it work? The LifeLock for Life sweepstakes is set up in the … [Read more...]

I’m a New #LifeLock Brand Ambassador!

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I am happy to finally announce that I am joining the team of great bloggers and am officially a LifeLock Brand Ambassador! I am so excited to be able to write about great things, and this is definitely one of those things. What does this mean for you, my readers? I will be sharing tons of great information, facts, and personal experiences with you on my journey with LifeLock. I believe whole-heartedly in what LifeLock provides for its members. I am a mother, and nothing scares me more than the … [Read more...]