Nutrisystem Week 12 Weigh In – #NSNation


Wow–the holidays are hard. Here I was thinking Thanksgiving was a major challenge I feel like I’ve been sadly mistaken. Zoey’s birthday is today. We’ve had a few parties for her and at each one I’ve been tempted by cake and pancit and other amazing foods. I can’t say that I’ve turned them down, but [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 11 Weigh In – #NSNation


Things are looking up after a horrible week 10. Thankfully I’m doing much better in my weight loss endeavor and am only eating my Nutrisystem foods. No more Taco Bell for me! I am not quite to where I was before my “gain week.” That is what I’m calling it, by the way…my “gain week.” [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 10 Weigh In – #NSNation


Well, it finally happened. I had my first week where I’m not so happy with my results. I SLIPPED FROM THE NUTRISYSTEM! AHHHH! Yes, I know. Super dramatic but that is how I feel. I am going to be completely honest here, and face it…but it was completely my fault. I cheated on two meals [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 9 Weigh In – #NSNation

I made it through my first holiday. I may have had a bite or two of non-Nutrisystem food but I didn’t overindulge. I’m proud of myself! This is the first holiday I’ve gone through where I didn’t over eat and didn’t gain weight. I am really proud of myself. I now know I have all [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 8 Weigh In – #NSNation


Each week I am more and more impressed, and become more and more dedicated in my journey. I honestly cannot recall a time in the past where I have felt so completely inspired by what I’m doing, and have no intentions of quitting. I’ve been changing up my Nutrisystem meals so I don’t get tired [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 7 Weigh In #NSNation


After re-reading my week 6 post I know that I sounded a little grim. I honestly do not know what got into me, it probably was my disappointment in the amount lost for the week. Well, I am feeling so much better now than I was then, and I believe I was wrong about hitting [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 6 Weigh In #NSNation


I’m truckin’ along. That is my new saying for how I feel 6 weeks into my Nutrisystem journey. Even though this is my easiest dieting journey I’ve ever been on, I still encounter obstacles and have my downfalls. So, truckin’ along it is. I’m making progress and it isn’t easy, but progress is good and [Continue Reading]