Nutrisystem Week 29 Progress and Weigh In


This past week I have tested myself, how can I stay healthy when we have lots of birthdays? Nutrisystem has helped me learn how to stop eating when I’m full and make better choices when I’m out without a meal. This week held two birthdays, my husbands and the next day my mother in laws. [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 23 Progress and Weigh In


I made some progress this week, but wasn’t perfect. Nowhere near perfect if I’m going to be completely honest. I do have to say that I’m feeling a million times better, but I find myself at square one again trying to get over my craving for greasy and horrible foods. I did much better this [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 20 Progress and Weigh In


Once again the Nutrisystem member boards have been a blessing for me. The amazing women on there have helped me realized ways I’m not using Nutrisystem to its fullest. Because of those changes I’ve tweaked my days and I think I’ve been seeing some changes. Unfortunately today I got one of the worst phone calls [Continue Reading]

Nutrisystem Week 19 Progress and Weigh In


Nutrisystem is great for many reasons. It makes sure you have all the food you need so there is no guessing what you need to eat, and the one I’m finding most helpful is the group of forums and member boards that are there for support and keeping us motivated and strong. That is something [Continue Reading]