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Nutrisystem Week 12 Weigh In – #NSNation


Wow--the holidays are hard. Here I was thinking Thanksgiving was a major challenge I feel like I’ve been sadly mistaken. Zoey’s birthday is today. We’ve had a few parties for her and at each one I’ve been tempted by cake and pancit and other amazing foods. I can’t say that I’ve turned them down, but I did limit myself and allowed myself only enough portions to satisfy my cravings. I think having the will to make sure I do not over-do it when it comes to food is important. I love the Nutrisystem … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 6 Weigh In #NSNation


I’m truckin’ along. That is my new saying for how I feel 6 weeks into my Nutrisystem journey. Even though this is my easiest dieting journey I’ve ever been on, I still encounter obstacles and have my downfalls. So, truckin’ along it is. I’m making progress and it isn’t easy, but progress is good and it is all I could ever ask for. This of me like the little truck that could. There is something interesting that I have noticed about my body--every other week I lose significantly less weight than … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Week 5 Weigh-In #NSNation


This week I hit a huge goal, one that I’ve been looking forward to hitting for a very long time. But before I talk about that goal I want to talk about this week and how Nutrisystem is doing for me. I’m on my second month of Nutrisystem, and this time around I stocked up on foods I know I enjoy. Even though they are a lot of the same food item I know I love them so much that I wouldn’t mind eating them for days in a row if it came down to it. This time around I have a lot of burgers, soups, and … [Read more...]

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