Make Your Newborn Comfy With Some New Outfits

baby clothes

Buying clothes for your infant is both fun and practical. You have to make sure that the outfits are comfortable and keep your child warm. But you can also have some with fashion trends that are out there as well. J Crew offers a cashmere collection for infants including their various sweaters with hearts, stripes, and polka dots. They also have colorful cashmere leggings that will keep your little one warm. It will cost you though with the sweaters running around $125 and the leggings for $98. … [Read more...]

The top 10 iPhone apps for fashionistas!

Written by: Victoria   The popularity of Apple's iPhone continues to grow with each passing day. You can ask any iPhone user what they particularly love about their phone, and many will answer that they have a variety of different applications available. One of the areas of applications that is extremely popular and continues to flourish is fashion. Listed below are the top ten free applications on the iPhone for any serious fashion junkie, enjoy!     1. Lookz (Barry M. … [Read more...]