Today is Zoey’s 4th birthday, and we have been searching for memorable birthday gifts for the latter half of the year. Zoey is an extremely bright girl, and if she is given something that doesn’t stimulate her mind she will get bored and quit playing with it permanently. She loves being challenged and with the exception of dolls she refuses to play with most toys that are designed for her age group. When we had the opportunity to try out the InnoTab 2S I knew it would be one of the best gifts we could give her for her birthday, so when my husband and I gave it to her this morning we were really excited. Finally something that would keep her engaged and entertained while still learning.

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The InnoTab provides all the tools a kid needs to have a healthy mix of fun and education. When we were going through the setup time we installed the software on our computer that connected us to the VTech Download Manager. The Download Manager is a fun place for parents to browse books and games that can be purchased and installed on the InnoTab 2S. We got 2 free purchases when we were setting up the InnoTab so we decided to download a few games for her. We also changed the theme of her InnoTab so she rocks the princess theme which is pink, purple, and full of sparkle.

Innotab 2s-2

Zoey quickly found her favorite parts of the InnoTab 2S, she decided her top two favorites are the Picture Puzzle game and the camera. The camera cracks me up because she likes to record me doing weird things, like vacuuming the living room. Yes, there really is a video of me vacuuming…it is awkward.

Here is a video of Zoey enjoying her InnoTab 2S and showing off her two favorite features:

There are also some other features that I’m pretty impressed with. The first thing is that it has a stand so your kid can play the InnoTab while it is standing up on its own. It stands in both portrait and landscape directions, so depending on the game or feature your child is using they can adjust it accordingly.

Innotab 2s-5

Zoey loves opening the stand, closing it, and repeating that process. I have to say I love seeing her playing the games, she makes me proud because I always try to help her, but she’ll stop me and say “Mom, I got it!” She knows exactly what she is doing and it makes me a little teary eyed. My baby is now four years old and she doesn’t need me as much anymore… *tear*

Innotab 2s-3

Another reason the InnoTab 2S is a big hit in our household is due to the fact that my husband got his iPad back. We never really liked Zoey playing with the iPad, but it was one of the things that could provide her with a learning experience so we gave in.

Innotab 2s-4

I’m proud to say Zoey doesn’t ask for the iPad anymore. She is completely content with the InnoTab 2S and we no longer worry about her browsing the Internet or accessing things that she shouldn’t.

Innotab 2s-6

Overall we are super impressed with the InnoTab 2S and we are so glad to have it. It is the best gift for kids for Christmas (or their birthday like Zoey!)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech and received a VTech InnoTab 2S to facilitate my review.

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