I am very excited to be participating in the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge organized by Blog Friendly PR, every week will be another post, update and possibly even a video of me doing some workouts on my Total Gym!

The excitement that is bubbling through me is insanely motivating. It is my time to be confident and gain the ability to love myself again. It has taken a lot of courage to admit that I have stopped caring about myself. I believe it is time to take back my life and take off my fat suit because I deserve to feel great about myself and live my life with pride. Everyone deserves that. Hopefully I can help motivate someone to get up and regain control of their lives.

Regaining control of your life is not easy, and it takes one big strong will to get going. But that is the hardest part, getting up—looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are worth it. I’ve struggled with that, but now I am slowly starting to believe it. Total Gym Total Mom Challenge has given me the push I needed to wake up and realize that I am worth it and I will succeed in my weight loss journey.

Here is my introduction video, be sure to check out some of the other great bloggers as well!

Every time I post I am going to be leaving measurements and weight, so here goes:

Weight: 182 lbs

Bust: 40”

Chest: 36”

Waist: 33.5”

Hips: 43”

If you are interested in purchasing a Total Gym for yourself, click here to receive a 15% off discount!

Here is my competition, and although I love these ladies I must say…IT’S ON!

Angela of MommyPR
Virginia of That Bald Chick
Gina of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy
Emilie of Baby Loving Mama
Zippy of Champagne Living

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  1. Way to go!! With your swimming background you’re already several steps ahead in knowing how to train and persist. Best wishes!

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