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One thing I absolutely refuse to do is spend way more money than necessary to look my best. It is in the best interest of my wallet to find cost effective ways to look like a celebrity without spending like one. Lucky for me with Tresemmé® and Dollar General I can spend what I want and look as fabulous as ever.

TRESemme Dollar General

I see it as a major perk to be able to buy such great brands like Tresemmé® at Dollar General. Tresemmé® is one of my favorite hair care brands, for so many reasons than I can list here and make sense at the same time. As you know I have two daughters, and they both suffer from frizzy hair so from the time they were a year old I’ve used adult conditioner on them to tame it. Tresemmé® is their favorite as well because according to them it “smells sooooooo good!

Can’t argue with their optimal sense of smell. That’s right, I said optimal!

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You’d be surprised what you can do, wavy, straight, slick, and more.

What are your favorite hair styles and beauty tricks to do?

How do you stay beautiful and fabulous without breaking the budget? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks.

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