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Everyone has a hero.

Sometimes they are fictional, sometime they are an amazing person in your familia. No matter who they are, it is time to show our héroes how much they are appreciated.

Zoey and Emma have multiple heroes, one of their favorites can be seen clearly by their Halloween costumes.

Zoey Elsa Halloween Costume

They feel so strongly about the story of Frozen that they play pretend and save each other in character all.the.time.

emma anna halloween

I remember as a child I had multiple fictional heroes, but the ones that always stuck with me were by Great Abuelo and Abuelita.

Seeing their love for family, and how talented they were inspire me still to this day.

As I grew up, I gained new heroes.

Celebrate Heroes with the Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue Blu-ray™

PLANES Fire & Rescue

Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue Blu-ray™ will be available on November 4th, as well as on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere.

The amazing thing about Planes Fire & Rescue is that it highlights heroes that we sometimes take for granted.

Our firefighters, police officers, medical emergency response teams. They all put their lives on the line every single day, and they get little thanks for it on the day-to-day.

The truth is, we would be in a world that is much worse off if we didn’t have firefighters who enter burning buildings, policía who enter dangerous situations with their only protection being their bulletproof vest and gut instict, and medical staff who treat contagious people even though it is dangerous.

These are our world’s heroes. 

Planes fire & Rescue

I would love if everyone reading this would take a moment next time to see one of these brave people, and show them how much they’re appreciated.

It could be giving small gift cards to police officers you see this holiday season, or bringing treats to your local fire station.

Join us for the #MiHeroeFavorito Twitter Party

Tuesday November 4th, in celebration of the release of Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue we will be on Twitter discussing our heroes. This bilingual part is going to be a huge hit, I hope you’ll join us! More information here.


Planes fire & Rescue

I have a super exciting SHORT giveaway for you.

One person will win a Planes Fire & Rescue DVD Combo pack!

US only, 18+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all entrants, and I hope to see you at the Twitter party tomorrow at 9PM EST!

Free Printables

To add to the excitement of the release of Planes Fire & Rescue, I have two fun printables for you!

21 comments on “Who’s Your Hero and Why with Planes Fire & Rescue #MiHeroeFavorito”

  1. I can’t wait to watch this with my nephew. He is all about Fire and Rescue and adding the planes is a great way to incorporate another love for him.

  2. All my grandsons love this movie and I have six grandsons… heck even my granddaughters love the movie and I have four of those. LOL And if I win I will be NaNee of the year. Woo Hoo

  3. We had planned to see it in theaters but timing just didn’t work out. My son is always seeing commercials and cannot wait to see it.

  4. We saw the original Disney Planes movie and loved it but have not seen this one as yet.
    I know that my kids would love it and would love to surprise them with it.


  5. my daughter LOVES these movies and she has been begging to see this movie again since its came out in the theaters it would mean everything to me if i won this giveaway to satisfy my little princess

  6. I was not able to see the sequel to Planes in theaters, but I enjoyed the first movie and would love the opportunity to see the second. I think Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue would make a great gift for my nephew. I would definitely watch the movie with him and let him keep the movie to rewatch.

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